Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Soft Clicks is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information obtained from you during your visits to our website or while using our mobile application. Privacy always comes at priority, we like to be clear and transparent about the information we may collect and process of our user. As Soft Clicks company, we considered that privacy should be the priority. We aim to safeguard the security and privacy of all users. This policy explains our information practices and the choices you can make about how Soft Clicks may collects and uses your information. By accepting our privacy policy, you agree by the terms and conditions of the collection and use of the information provided by you. We may collect and use the information for providing better services.

1. Use of Personal Data

Our website does not automatically capture or store personal data from visitors to the site other than to log the users IP address and hostname, and session. This information does not identify you personally; it is used to help us diagnose problems with our data server, to administer our website, and to compile statistics about our visitors and their use of the site. For example, we may use this data to track which pages our users are visiting most often or to determine which web browsers our visitors use. Any data that may be collected will not be sold to any third party for marketing parties.

The collection of data depends on the service which you are using, or it depends on the product. We know privacy is important to you. So please take a moment to read this.

2. Access to Gallery

Our Photo Background Changer app may ask access to your mobile gallery in order to change the background. The images you use to change or edit will remain inside the app and we in no way have any access to any of those images. Any image you save inside the application will not be saved or shared to anyone from our side.

3. Information we may collect

We may collect the information in two ways:

i) Automatically:When you visit our apps some of your information may be collected automatically. But, this information doesn’t reveal a person's identity.
It includes: IP address  Browser, device name Country or region This information is used for security and analytics of or apps.
ii) Through application: some of the information we may collect from our applications regarding push notification.

4. Information Collection & processing

What we may collect, why we are collecting and how we may collect the data is very clearly mentioned in our privacy policy.
i) What we are collecting: The IP address and hostname , session details such as , The duration of the visit ,Pages visited , The nature of the browser used.
ii) Why we are collecting:This information does not identify you personally; it is used to help us diagnose problems with our data server,
To administer our applications,
To compile statistics about our application user,
Their use of the application,
For service management of our application,
For providing user the available feature of our service of our application,
For communicating with user,
For preventing fraud,
For marketing research,
For analysis,
For security.
iii) How we are collecting:When the user uses or visits any of our services, or product, we may collect the above-mentioned information. Before collecting these we always took permission from the user(user can deny da permission but in this case he/she will be not eligible to use our services). And the information that has been collecting is just for providing accurate and better services.

5. Information we may collect from our user

We may collect the data or information from you by the following types:

i) Data you provide us directly:Some of the information you may provide us directly. In this case, we may collect the following information:
The information you send us for feedback that may be image or text.
Email address when you subscribe to our services while feedback.
Your personal information (age, name, email address) at the time of registration.
ii) Data that is automatically collected:When you use our service following data may be automatically collected from you but firstly we request the user to give permission to our app for use that information:
Location:while using our application, we may collect the user location which includes device location, IP address, Wi-Fi information, etc. This information may be used to provide some features of the application for example language changes etc.
Data usage:this includes the information about how long the user spends time on our service or application this helps us to improve our services from the user experience.
Device information: when user uses our services we may collect the information about the device they are using, it may include information about OS, version, IP address, network, hardware model, identity for advertisers (IDFA) and language of the device.

6. Our Purpose of collecting and processing information

We may collect and process the information which is gathering from our user for a different purpose
For providing service: we process the information for providing our user best services and products. The main reason for this purpose is to manage user account and information, answering their feedback to other requests.
Administrative purpose: for maintaining our services we measure the interest of user in our services, for that we conduct research, ensuring the best services for our user we improve and develop new products, have a check and balance on quality, communicating with user and maintaining their account in our database, this purpose also includes the management of your purchasing and transactions within the app.
For marketing: for promoting our products, introducing our new services and products with the user. This includes banner ads, advertisement, and offers, products of your interest, our sponsor ads, etc.
Communication with our valuable users:informing you about our product and service on your data (email, phone number, etc.) which is collected when you contact us. We also use information to provide you with all the requested services.
Survey: for conducting the survey we may collect user’s information. Before participating in the survey you will be asked and if you participate in our survey you have to provide the required information. These surveys are conducted for providing the user the best services and for the betterment of the services.
Conduct Surveys:including contacting you to participate in surveys. If you decide to participate, you may be asked to provide certain information which may include Personal Data.
To enforce law: We may collect your information to prevent any spam or fraud activity or investigate any security breach.

7. Duration of keeping the information:

We may keep the user information as long as it is necessary but can remove it from our backup at any time, until that your information is secure with us.

8. Permissions

Permissions (e.g. camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, Recording or phone) or user data are just used within the app. As Soft Clicks Private Limited we believe that none of us likes a cat burglar, the information we may collecting from your camera, microphone, accounts, etc. will maintain the copyright issue. No other site or server has access to this user's personal information for store purposes. These permissions are useful for the accurate working of applications.

9.Use of Location Data

When you use our free mobile GPS applications, we may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current location to determine the city you are located within and display a location map. We will not share your current location or any other location data with other users or partners without your permission.
For getting the driving route and other places related to information, we are using Google API services. For more information about their policies, you may visit:

10. Rights of Individual

Being Soft Clicks Private Limited application user, you have rights and knowing about them is also important because privacy always comes first. For detail of your right, you can contact us at any time via our mentioned contact details which are at the bottom of this privacy policy page.
i) Objection right: It’s the user's right to object to our processing of your personal information.
ii) Access Right: You have a right to access the data that you are giving us. We always welcome you and your question so if you have any questions regarding this right please contact us.
iii) Erasing right:You may request us to delete your data permanently.
iv) Rectification right:This right gives you a chance to complete the incomplete data given to us. You can request us to correct that data.
v) Feedback right: App club website always considered and welcomes the feedback of their user. User has a right to give feedback or suggestion regarding our services.

11. Third-party advertisement:

This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites that may be accessible through links from the Soft Clicks. We may use the third party ads network to serve ads in our application products or service, but remember they have their privacy policy and are not in our control. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other parties. So please take a moment and read their policies but at your responsibility.

The following hyperlinks are provided for your reference and convenience only and do not imply endorsement of their activities or products unless otherwise stated. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of those third parties to learn how they may collect and use information about you before using the site or providing any personal data about yourself.
Third-party may also provide some part of our services; they may collect and store your information.
We may be also receiving information about the user from other third parties.
When you download our application form the third party that may be Google play store or app store.
When you signed in to our application or website from other party social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

12. APIs and SDK

We also use other parties developing kits (SDKs) and APIs for running our service’s functionalities (Facebook, Upwordspark, Admob, StartApp, fyber, AppLovin). These may allow third parties to gather your data.
API: we use different API platforms for the running of our services. For example, we may use Google APIs which includes the following services:
Weather etc.
We are getting all the above-mentioned services by using Google map platform API. Also, their privacy policies have different terms and conditions. For knowing about that please read their privacy policies

SDKs: these are the software development tools for creating apps, website or other software. As Soft Clicks is developing the applications for different purposes we also use different SDKs and every SDK has their privacy. For example we are using Github for some of our development process, they have their privacy policies which is not in our hand so please their privacy policy

13. Do we use Google map?

Yes we use Google map as mentioned above , we use Google map for proving the users best Soft Clicks while developing our application we uses Google Maps APIs . Google map have their privacy policy which is totally under their control. For understanding their terms and condition please visit their site and read their privacy policy.
As we implement the map API, by using our application you are bounded to Google’s terms and conditions and on this agreement you are giving us the permission to access your information (name, location) .

14. Purpose of using third party services

The reason for using third-party services are:
Our service facilitation,
Providing service on our behalf,
For performing services related to service,
For analyzing the use of our service

15. Analytics

For analyzing the traffic we use Google Analytics. This service is provided by Google for reporting and tracking the user or application traffic.
For more information about the privacy practices of Google, please visit their Privacy & Terms web page:
We may use different analytics for getting information about user traffic. Here at the App club, we may use Google Analytics for gathering information about user behavior, visits, and traffic. Google analytics use their privacy policy for further information about their terms and condition please read their privacy policy, to opt-out, the processing and collection of your data from Google please go through
i) Marketing analytics Our marketing analytics may not require personal data but privacy comes first. So we want to be clear and transparent about policies and activities. You have full control over related marketing of personal data. Our marketing analytics may include:
User behavior for marketing decision and advertisement.
Advertisement of different apps (Facebook, unity, Admob, adword or other tools).
The performance analysis tool (Google analytics, and SDK of different apps)
ii)User statistic.
We also keep statistics (anonymous or aggregated) but it does not reveal individual identity.
iii) Firebase
This service is provided by Google Inc. they may collect personal data of the user as described in their privacy policy. For further information about this please visit Privacy Policy

16. Firebase Data Processing and Security Terms

Soft Clicks is using certain firebase services, which may govern by Google. Google acts as a data processor and service provider and processes the collected data on their behalf. Please go through their terms and conditions Data Processing and Security Terms
i) Crashlytics
We may be using crashlytics and some app distributions. Crashlytics is a Google-owned Software Company. We are using its development kit for online review, application logging, crash reporting, and statistical analysis of application logs. They have their privacy policies. Soft Clicksis using these kits but is not responsible for their policies. For knowing about how they may your provided data read their privacy policies. App Distribution and crashlytics are under Google control. For further information about them click the link below
Firebase Crashlytics and Firebase App Distribution Terms of Service
Both Google analytics for firebase (Google Analytics for Firebase Terms of Service) and Google Analytics (Google Analytics Terms of Service) are under the control of Google.

17. In-app purchases

Our application may offer you in-app purchases which can be done from real money but this transaction is done against virtual in-game items. We as a company have a right to manage, control and regulated these virtual items at any time.

18. Cookies

A 'cookie' is a small data file that a website may send to your browser and that your browser may then store on your system. Soft Clicks does not utilize cookies in any area of the website so none will be stored in your browser as a result of navigating this site.  You have the option to accept or decline the use of cookies. If you refuse to use cookies, you may not be able to enjoy some of the services.

19. Security

The security of your personal data matters to us a lot. We are using latest industry standards to protect your personal information both delivered to us by yourself or the one we get through during process. We use appropriate measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, share or unauthorized access. However, no method or technique is 100% secure over internet. We strive to deliver our best to protect your personal information, nevertheless, we can’t guarantee its 100% security.

20. Updating, testing & improvement

As a developing team, for the continuous work and betterment of our service, we may update our application from time to time. For this updating, we need to develop and maintain new products. Our updates, testing, improvement may include:
Removal of virus or bug,
Repairing software error,
Analysis of application (through third party Google analysis),
Working on customer feedback,
Developing new related applications,
Accuracy testing

21. Notification of Changes

The policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted here so that you will always know what information we may be collecting online, how we use it and what choices you have. Any significant change will be informed to you. For any query feel free to contact us.

22. Support request

Soft Clicks Private Limited provides the opportunity for the user to contact us and raise their questions about our applications. We allow the user to submit the support request. In this case, we may collect your email and information regarding the request. But Soft Clicks Private Limited ensures you that we don’t share your information with any third party, not even your name or email.

23. Social media profiles

We have created many business profiles on different social media platforms for the user to communicate with us. Behind these profiles, there is the purpose of increasing the company’s awareness. You can also write to us, like, share or comment on our posts. Again we want to be very clear that read the privacy policies of that particular social media platform for understanding their terms and condition of the usage of your information. When you use these platforms make your mind clear that they may use your data that you are providing to them and they might use it for other marketing purposes.

24. Children’s Policy

Our Apps and services are not made for children under 13. Therefore, we do not intentionally gather personal information from child under 13. If we come to know that we have collected personal information from child under 13, we will erase the personal information we obtained as quickly as possible. If you believe that we have collected information from child under 13, please contact us for the removal for personal information.

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26. Contact us:

For any query or question regarding our policy and terms of condition. Don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us. Or if you notice any violation report us at